The Epstein Project

Epstein University is online!!! Please check it out here:

It is meant to be a social place where Epstein fans can discuss his work and collaborate to raise the public profile of the intellectual Mozart of our times. Please visit the site and introduce yourself!

The planning phase (old):

Let's make a curriculum of some of Epstein's best talks, organized by subject in a way that will help shed light on his coherent and comprehensive worldview. If anyone is interested in helping, please leave a comment below or drop me a line at Thanks!

Some good Epstein talks to include in the project:

in his segment of this debate, he goes through the whole "fat and squat vs long and skinny" analogy for understanding private vs public property:

Epstein on the morality of capitalism:

A law talk episode on happiness:

A great summary of his views on the Constitution:

In this one, Epstein debates Walter Block from the left. I think it's a good one for people who are already libertarians:

This is a great explanation of simple rules for a complex world:

He gives a great talk about markets and regulations in this one:

I've wanted to collect the BEST versions of all of his arguments, but if I let perfect become the enemy of good this thing will never get off the ground. The reality is that all of his talks are fascinating. These are a handful in which he deals with big ideas rather than specific issues, and in any case they're a good start, I believe.

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