Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Importance of Being a Fan

Whether Lebron James has fans might affect the sales of his jersey, but it doesn't affect his stats. It doesn't affect the scoreboard. In some sense, it doesn't matter if Lebron James has fans because he is still, objectively, a great basketball player.

But it does matter whether William Blake has fans. He might have been just some cooky, idiosyncratic guy whose poems and art would have faded from history if each generation did not find some passionate admirers to champion his work - guys like Wordsworth, Northrop Frye, Alan Ginsberg, and Harold Bloom. And those guys, too, are only relevant because they have fans. In the contest of ideas, you either have fans or you don't exist.

That's why I make no bones about being a Richard Epstein fan. I think he is the Aristotle of our age, the Lebron James of thinkers. He puts up intellectual three-pointers like it ain't no thing, yet in the debates of our day he is a virtually unknown player. Epstein is doing his job. He needs more fans out there lobbying for him. So, this blog is me lobbying for The Smartest Person Alive. If you're an Epstein fan, too, then do your friends a favor by inviting them to subscribe to this podcast:

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