Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Richard Epstein on Happiness

I'm falling behind. Lots of great recent stuff from Richard Epstein, but I've been too lazy to update the blog lately. I'll get on it soon.

I'm heading to the gym in a bit where I'll listen to this this podcast where Richard Epstein talks about happiness. Is there any subject he doesn't cover??

I'm glad to report that my brainy lawyer friend Barry is now a full-fledged Epstein disciple. He described listening to Epstein as a kind of religious experience lol. I like the idea of building a club around the smartest person in the world. I mean, imagine if you could shoot an email to Aristotle and get a response? lol

EDIT: Just got home from the gym and finished the podcast. Wow. One of the best Epstein talks ever!

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